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Tech-Assisted Self-Hypnosis for Human Flourishing

Each month, Transformative Technology Milan brings you curated journeys to explore Transtech, educate, and empower those who wish to leverage certain technologies for mental health, emotional wellbeing, and human flourishing. Our intent is to discover the personal, professional, and philosophical views of those who create transformative technology and bring it to fruition for the human community to thrive emotionally and mentally. When tracing through your life threads to weave them into a mnemonic fabric, you stumble upon specific moments that have unveiled infinite journeys and trajectories into unseen before mental and emotional versions of yourself. February 2005 marked my definitive quantum leap in experiencing transcendental states of consciousness: a car crash led me to expand into “near-death” and energized my personal quest into trance-formation. Since then, discovering the science behind heightened psychophysiological states for better health outcomes and behavior change has been part of my infinitizing journey. An inspiring and empowering discussion with Dr. David Spiegel, a Stanford Professor and Researcher and renowned expert on hypnosis, about the neuroscience of hypnosis, its origins, hypnotherapy, and more broadly the healing power of the mind offered an opportunity to re-establish that a healthy symbiosis between Science and Technology will increasingly help humans explore the frontiers of the mind-body nexus in connection with health. The more Science and Technology delve into enhanced states of consciousness and generate data, the thinner the veil becomes separating ancient and modern and east-west wisdoms. The conversation was conducive to the fact that we need to shatter rigid belief systems and habitual ways of informing our perception of reality for Science and Technology to outperform our desired outcomes and support our growth as a human community. While the pandemic was rampant and much pessimism was — and still is — pervading the planet, I felt the conversation restored a sense of fascination and awe towards life and us humans. We are not insignificant, needy human beings but rather multidimensional, infinite, and eternal beings, capable of tapping into our own potential for self-help and for the creation of our own reality, free from burdening dualisms and able to identify with the infinite self. We need to overturn our current way of doing things and recognize that science supports reclaiming our power to use the brain to manage the body, and we have not fully taken advantage of it yet. The classic approach of allopathic medicine paved the way for a side-effect society. A bottom-up approach to modern Medicine and Psychiatry afflicts and plagues society. A palingenesis is overdue: applying a top-down paradigm to mental health and emotional wellbeing is a tremendous opportunity indeed. “The idea of making patients part of the medical team, rather than being an object to which things are done, is a powerful model that many patients want and will make health care a whole lot safer and effective.” — Dr Spiegel People are intuitively heading in such a direction: in the United States alone about 40 per cent of Americans use some kind of integrative complementary approach to medical care — be it mindfulness, acupuncture, hypnosis, or functional medicine — according to a report by the the National Health Statistic Report about the Trends in Use of Complementary Health Approaches Among [US] Adults. They visit alternative or integrative medicine and spend more on it than mainstream medical care. There is a tremendous desire from patients to learn means of better controlling the symptoms and their lives. A study by The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine on the “U.S. Physician Recommendations to Their Patients About the Use of Complementary Health Approaches” reveals that overall, more than half of office-based physicians recommended at least one Complementary Health Approach (CHA) to their patients. Our way to empowerment requires giving people a skill instead of a pill; interactions, not instructions. Teaching people to focus on what they are for, not against. To reclaim our full mental potential as our journey in the physical realm unfolds, we must cease resisting life and re-learn to tap into the unknown and embrace and create correspondence with infinity. To re-attune with it, we must re-acquaint ourselves with meditation, contemplation, and silence, and, from “there,” use hypnosis to tap into our imagination to connect and correspond with versions of reality and identities that are aligned and corresponding with our healing purposes. Meditation and hypnosis are transcendental states of our consciousness — the source of reality and the cause of what we experience as reality. They both belong in our hyper-existential “value chain” to amplify the quality of our experience. They both weave threads in the magic mystery fabric of life. They are both portals — and we need both — to access different levels of existence, in our journey through the infinite, unified quantum field, to vibrate at different frequencies, and manifest in different densities — as the infinite self; as the first separation from infinity — the “I am” (consciousness); as the “I am this” (soul, energy, identity); and the “I am this and that” (body, matter, physical existence.). Meditation is a preemptive state to hypno-induced reality hopping. Hypnosis is a technique to incarnate specific versions of the self in the time-space paradigm. Through meditation, we can begin our journey into hypnotic states, whereby we can “tune into realities” and become the parallel-world version of the self that is already experiencing that reality. Accessing these other versions of ourselves begins with meditation because it lets us return to a state of no identity, a non-conceptual consciousness, the zero-point of infinity, the realm of the pure “I am,” the witness who is not identified with anything, the one who is nothing and nobody, and at the same time, a multidimensional everything. In his Yoga Sutra 1.2, Patanjali states “yogas chitta vritti nirodha” — literally “yoga [a system of practices that leads us to mental peace] is the removal of the fluctuations of the mind” — and suggests we should only witness these fluctuations, rather than identify ourselves with them. By cultivating this […]

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The Heart of the Metaverse

The ongoing process of dematerialization offers the human community an unprecedented opportunity to drift in a regenerative morphic resonance, reconnect with the universal, disidentified version of ourselves in the supreme quantum field, and replace the core identity misinterpretations of our species with the core truth of our identity. With our infinite potential realigned with the ambitious vision of imagining unprecedented beauty into being for all the ecosystems of this planet, we can pulsate as one amplified, hyper-connected and coherent heart-ware, tune into certain multiversal versions of reality where the change we want to be in the world is already “real,” and let the quantum change propagate in the impermanent construct that we call life. This 2020, in a new stage of our hero’s journey, the Burning Man community transcended fear and negative priming and pulled off an epic reality creation experiment, extending and reconnecting in a neuro aesthetically stimulating, oxytocin inducing metaverse. In 2019, Melvin Vopson, a physicist at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, formulated a principle postulating that information moves between states of mass and energy just like other matter. He forecasted that given current trends of 50% annual growth in the number of digital bits produced, the number of bits would equal the number of atoms on Earth in approximately 150 years. By 2245, half of Earth’s mass would be converted to digital information mass, according to the study “Digital Content on Track to Equal Half Earth’s Mass by 2245” published in “American Institute of Physics Advances.” As the amount of space required to store 1-bit of information is rapidly reducing, the day it hits the size of an atom there will be more information bits than the number of atoms on earth. The Earth’s community is steadfastly, consciously and unconsciously, blurring the duality between material and non-material, swiftly moving towards its ultimate removal, and exponentially weaving ethereal threads in the fabric of the metaverse — “a digital interactive, responsive and immersive environment connecting people and things.” In our ongoing digital palingenesis, emerging technologies offer intelligence augmentations for us to hack away from our species’ pre-wired separation beliefs and delve back into the matterless primordial sound, the sublime and boundless “all there is,” the wave forming quantum information field — where we all belong together and are one with the infinite disidentified versions of us. If we are holographic figments of a Supreme Consciousness vibrating as the quantum unifying information field, the more we dematerialize, the closer we get to one another, and the wider the spectrum of our possibilities we reacquaint ourselves with. The more technology empowers our wet-wares (indeed we are water…) to disembody in digitised versions of the self, the faster we tune into parallel realities that exist beyond the finite, psychological subjective perspective. As we immerse, connect, interact, and engage in tech-enabled regenerative, collective, multisensorial, ritualistic journeys hopping us in and out of states of consciousness and energetic densities that align us with the entangled and a vast number of universes and infinite possibilities existing in the infinite zero-point energy, the more luminous the light of our essence pulsating as one amplified, hyper-connected, and coherent heart-ware in the infinite, disidentified ego-less “We.” We have a natural affinity for drifting to states where we are not separated by polarity. We are supreme consciousness, always tuned into our oneness, journeying through cycles of embodiment. We float through the energetic densities, from the most dense “I am this and that” (body, matter, physical existence), to the “I am this” (soul, energy, identity), to the “I am” (boundless infinity). Rooted in the “I am” essence, we surf through parallel realities. Humanity is relentlessly disidentifying existence with denseful matter — I am material therefore I exist — and tuning into the end of the Kali Yuga of material consciousness, straight into the Yuga of denseless, dematerialised existence — I am, therefore I am. We are tuning into novel realities where we are no longer “embodied” or “envisioned” but “imagined” and “felt” and are amplifying the correspondence with the parallel-worlds versions of ourselves that are already experiencing such realities. What our rational mind, tricking the embodied self, loves to define “the race to technological innovation” is instead “a placid journey to re-discover our inner portal into the metaverse.” We are not “racing moving towards a direction,” instead we are “changing constructs and frames” and re-imagining everything as non-matter. As such, technological innovation will continue to unfold as a process of transcending and dematerializing into bytes. Like technology, imagination and art help us transcend by emancipating us from our limitations, and support us in our journey into self-awareness and introspection by offering new ways to venture into the quantum field and fine-tune our infinite potential with it. Like never before, our species needs creativity and technology empowering us to reconnect with each others’ hearts and truths, through collective healing and transformative rituals establishing deep connections. We need to tune into a vortex of collective and regenerative sensory resonance to affect our tensegrity, governance, and entanglement and add a new coherent heartbeat to the planet. The human heart is a separate intelligence, through which consciousness seeks expression by means of artistic media created by the human mind. The current waveform created by the pandemic-infodemic is a “perfect storm” exacerbating the urgency for the sentient communities of the planet to reimagine their cultural identities in a heart-centric multiverse, reach new heights in new digital realms, and fine-tune their collective mission with the individual responsibilities in the evolution of collective consciousness and society. In this crescendo to bringing such vision to fruition, technology can support creativity and art by scaling up the amplitude of the salvific magnum opus of connecting collective acts of creation to calls to action that can shockwave quantum social change. In an attempt to preserve their existence and keep their culture intact in times of pandemic crisis, a unique community, unexpectedly and unpredictably, turned out to be a propelling force in the expansion of the metaverse. Not […]

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About Me

Simeone Scaramozzino

Metaverse Artist & Entrepreneur

I create meaningful businesses for the conscious & sustainable evolutionary journey of all planetary ecosystems, and communities. I write, produce, and direct transformative, immersive Mixed-Reality Universes centred around participation and human connection by dissolving boundaries of ancient wisdom & exponential technology (sensor, affective computing, spatial awareness and perception tech) for enhanced cognitive and neurological states, amplified human experiences, heightened spiritual awareness, abundant physical and mental health, and emotional wellbeing. Yoga, meditation, breath-work, shamanism, radio hosting, public speaking, and writing help me bring transformation into the world, where hyper-tech isn’t available. I am the writer, director, and producer of the Virtual Temple Immersive Experiences of the Virtual Burning Man, and a Chapter Leader of Transformative Tech, a global community creating new tools for exponential wellbeing and human flourishing.

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