Opinion: How Technology Can Guide Us on Our Journey to Wholeness

Mann steht mit Vr Brille in Arbeitszimmer

Opinion: How Technology Can Guide Us on Our Journey to Wholeness

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Are you willing to use technology to empower individuals to find balance in their self-growth journey? Here are three ways to use technological innovations to help people recover their wholeness for personal and global development.

Technology to merge our intuitive and rational side

Being rational and intuitive has never been incompatible and were always meant to work together. However, over-reliance on critical thinking and rationality and distrust toward human potential, including our powerful intuition, have deprived our human insights of the value gained in merging them. Fortunately, current technology trends can facilitate the return of our intuition in our personal decision-making process. 

Data analytics and visualization. With data analytics, we can move from being data-driven in our decision-making and ruling out anything irrational to become data-informed and leave more room to use our intuition while dramatically decreasing the risk of making mistakes. And with Data visualization, we can see trends, patterns and understand the bigger picture beyond numbers and figures. Data analytics is leaving the business sphere to come into people’s personal lives. Empowering individuals to understand the data of their lives will be a game-changing innovation in personal development. 

Augmented Intelligence. The Augmented Intelligence is a human-centered technology aiming to enhance human intelligence instead of trying to replace it. While Artificial Intelligence mainly focuses on our logic-mathematical capabilities, augmented intelligence technologies leave more space for other talents. Once our human talents are supported rationally with Data for knowledge and technology to automatize repetitive or low-value tasks, we are in a more comfortable place to use and trust our intuition. We also free more time and save more energy for more purposeful activities that require our creativity. Compared to Artificial intelligence, Augmented intelligence is still underused in businesses spheres but could become a heavy contender in the technologies aimed to grow our human potential. 

Technology to merge our individual and collective intelligence 

From self-knowledge to technical expertise, we build up our insights by interacting with others. Technology has played a critical role to make our knowledge whole by nurturing it with teachings from the collective intelligence. And by growing our expertise, we have been able to give back to the collective wisdom. 

Social Media. This is an internal reconnection and concerns the wholeness of our individual talents. Accessing knowledge in Social Media has allowed peer to peer learning anytime and with people from anywhere in the world. Countless individuals have been able to develop specific talents not taught in traditional schools or companies. And this expertise is built up to be given back to the community. New creations, careers, innovations, technologies and even more grow from those unearthed talents, nurtured with worldwide and timeless knowledge shared online. Even though there is still room for improvement regarding safe interaction and reliable information, social media has joined the top of the list of essential resources for self-learning and personal development.

Data collection technologies. We are increasingly consulting others’ opinions, including through polls, surveys and reviews. Taping into the wisdom of collective intelligence not only benefits businesses to stay grounded and in touch with the outside reality, but it is also a growing source of support for individuals to navigate into the unknown. Each of us is part and benefits from the collective intelligence. We go beyond the titles of academics, professionals, end-users, the general public, and so on. Whether based on technical expertise or experiential knowledge, we return to the universal title of human beings, co-contributors and co-creators, bringing their contribution to get us closer to the truth to solve individual, local, global issues. And that trend is even fueling the reconnection of people with science with the emergence of Citizen data scientists.

Technology to merge Oneness and Diversity

As we are increasingly becoming physically and virtually connected, that connectedness gets us closer to the sense of Oneness. But that Oneness is a Oneness in Diversity. 

Information and communication technologies. They are the forces behind the most notable changes in our human development. What happens in the social, political, environmental or economic areas somewhere in the world impact each of us in some way. And now, those facts are known. If before it was only suspected, now it is something that we can measure and monitor. And those are real-time information on which we can take action. Therefore, before we even reach the philosophical or spiritual meaning of Oneness, we can start grasping the meaning and implication through the wisdom of Data. Merging macro trends and information with personal situations will become essential to raise our consciousness about the impact of their actions in the microcosm of our lives and macrocosm of our societies. 

Artificial intelligence and Algorithm. Conversely, at the same time, the more we are getting closer to each other, the more we want to affirm our singularity and authenticity. And that is not contradictory because our shared human consciousness of being One is a Oneness in Diversity. People are increasingly aware of their differences and specific place and purpose in the social ecosystem. Each individual is a unique blend of lived experiences, values, personality traits, talents, passions and much more. And our uniqueness is a precious asset for the whole of Humankind because there are no exact two people, talents, visions and purposes on Earth. 

The more we stay authentic and nurture our true potential, the more powerful our unique potential can become for the benefit of our shared human condition. And that is one argument for increasing the use of algorithms for personalized offers. When businesses fuel individuality and encourage people’s authenticity, it awakes our True Selves and also our creativity, critical to unleashing our human intuition. And return to wholeness. 

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