The New Minimum Ability

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The New Minimum Ability

I have an ability, which is also my passion.

(And one of the reasons why Transformative Tech exists)

I am very good at seeing things that don’t seem connected, and finding the connection between them.

And I want to build bridges between them, which will make a big difference for the world.

In a conversation with my editor, I realized the core premise of Transformative Tech, and what I do believe, is that accelerating human growth and potential is THE ABSOLUTE THING THAT HUMANITY NEEDS.

Reimagining ourselves, our minds, and our bodies.

But in a good, and healthy, and WHOLE way.

Growth is the new minimum that is what humanity needs.

To succeed, whatever that means to each one of us.

To build technology while maintaining our agency and to use technology while maintaining our sanity.

To be aware and look for solutions that our world most utterly needs.

And, finally, for Transformative Tech builders, because it is our responsibility.

Your tech is a reflection of your capacities.

You cannot build tech if you are not working on your own growth. It is too powerful. You are building tools that have the potential to impact billions of people.

In looking at the world today, I believe:

1. Growth and Leadership are the new minimum.
Personal growth is now required to succeed in your vocation*. It’s the same thing.

2. Powerful technologies require personal growth.
If your vocation is technology, then personal growth is an act of responsibility. You wield tremendous power and should know who you are to do so. If you use technology, then personal growth is how you maintain your agency and sanity.

3. Whole people can innovate better technologies.
Our species has problems from climate change to income inequality to health, and we need solutions. Becoming a whole person increases your odds of creating one.

4. By building tools for wholeness, Transformative Tech is exponentially impactful for humanity.
In our category of tech, we are endeavoring to build tools to support wholeness for billions.

5. If you attempt to build tools to restore wholeness, then you MUST do your work.

Wellness, wellbeing and transformative technology has the potential to help shift the mindsets of billions, but it also comes with risks and challenges.

At its best, wellbeing tech can help humans heal, grow and expand their minds resulting in whole and healthy humans capable of building a bright future throughout the world.

But it also has the potential to savage privacy, drive anxiety generating hypervigilance, and reduce the ineffable to “data.”

We have arrived at a pivotal moment in the development of wellbeing technology where, recognizing that the tech we build is a reflection of our personal capacity, we must develop as people while we design

While you build, the task for you is to do whatever it takes to heal, skill and expand yourself.

Deepen and become a spectacularly present, mature, and psychologically healthy whole human.

Build everything you touch from there — your companies, your lives, your families, your communities.

Over the years of working with founders, doing my own growth work, and just paying attention, I’ve seen three categories of tools that people use to evolve.
1) Paradigm shifters,
2) De-patterning methods, and
3) Capacity builders.

In my next blog, I’ll describe this framework in detail.

I’d love to hear what tools you have used.



P.S. * I use the term vocation as dharma inspired by the brilliant Stephen Cope in the Great Work of Your Life

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Comments (8)

  1. Alistair Cran

    100% agree, when we create it comes from the same level of consciousness as the individual and collective doing the creation.

    We just launched …. Take a look.


  2. Maria

    Dear Nichol, I love your thoughts , I fully agreed , I believe the only insight that is missing is the individuals level of consciousness which will allow any one to advance and to contribute to the collective abundance
    Regards and blesses

  3. Maria Reina

    I love Cope´s book , I just read it , I will send you my last letter about his book ( the last one)

  4. Jo Iddon

    Yes I am like you and agree but I was hoping you might be offering a solution. ?

  5. rowana

    Hi Nichol, I have been following you as you inspire me and I took part in the transformative tech course in the past. My passion is to inspire people to understand what we are putting in and on our bodies (including positive thoughts), the impact and how to make a permanent, positive change for radiant health; body, mind and soul. I have built a course; an 8 week Mind and Body Transformation Challenge following a RITE of Passage to Radiant Health. In the 1st week, there are 3 parts, 1. Nutrition and Our Amazing bodies, 2. Our Incredible Mind & Meditation and 3. Practical Steps to Make a Change. Week 2 is a practical food guide and tips on shopping and cooking. The other weeks, deep dive on other factors in our food or lifestyle which can improve our health. The challenge I have is that I believe that it can be improved exponentially with VR, especially the self-hypnosis meditations and tech. This is not in my skillsets. I am just about to launch my course in Thinkific whilst searching for a team. My approach is truly unique in the holistic nature of the course; eating for maximum nutrition, shopping, foraging, cooking, mindset, practical change tools, self-hypnosis meditation, lifestyle (Wimhof – I remember you had a dance off with him) personal care and cleaning products and more. If you know anyone who would be interested in collaborating and exploring this further, please pass on my details. With love n light, Rowana

  6. Yfke

    Your words so much resonate with my perspective on computer technology, consciousness and human potential. Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. Ken Johnson

    Hi Professor Bradford,
    I have always believed in you and what you, are doing, but I think there many different ways to achieve results in accelerating human growth and potential, One has to find the way to form habits of doing what needed to be done to achieve the desired results and that is what I am doing now. Sticking to it until this goal is achieved is my deepest desire.
    Your friend, Ken Johnson

  8. Monika Salazar

    I am so in awe of you I just ordered the book you referenced. Everything you mention is how I try to live. Always growing. Hope to see you soon now that I am back in CA

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