The Metaverse as Human Potential Tech


The Metaverse as Human Potential Tech

I want to share some concrete design principles to help the metaverse support human potential.

After my last blog proposing — The Metaverse — a Growth Triangle for Billions? — I received several emails and comments requesting more details.

Designers can:

1- Allow us to see human emotion regardless of the shape of the avatar.

We’re wired to pick up one another’s emotions through a variety of senses.

The sooner we bring emotion to the digital the faster our pro-social evolutionary wiring kicks in and helps lower toxicity.

This looks like:

  • Hyper-realistic facial expressions (even if you are a starfish – think Pixar faces)
  • Prioritizing richer expression i.e. voice > text or always allowing emojis in text
  • Encouraging self-expression through avatar-building options

2- Allow us to experience the digital with human senses.

We are not brains in jars.

We are consciousnesses that have brains as well as a massive sensory input system.

If we want to stay human in the digital realms, we must bring our sensory capacity with us.

This looks like digitized:

**(If you should be on my list please hit me back)**

3- Allow us to learn social and emotional fluency.

I believe that the reason why we don’t see more tech supporting our kinder/better natures is simply that as humans we haven’t yet focused on integrating that into design.

While our founders live this principle, the wider tech community doesn’t yet consider it with every product.

This looks like:

  • Win-Tracks (i.e. how to you win or succeed in a game) that have at least one prosocial element. An example would be ensuring that every raiding party has a healer and that the team literally cannot succeed without one. Then make them rarer than others so that teams have to woo them.
  • Using Color as an emotional language to help people begin to name emotions.
  • Your idea. 😉

4- Allow learning to be in community and foster the building of bonds.

Being on the back-end of World of Warcraft, I literally saw the bonds of community and friendship in the data.

In fact, this was one of the reasons that I believed that tech and the inner landscape could be positively merged.

This looks like:

  • Thoughtful Friending Mechanics i.e. tools for connection that supporting bonds vs. stressing them
  • Team creator mechanics i.e. tools that allow groups of people to start team businesses together with the tools to manage that business consciously integrated
  • Toxicity controls i.e. there’s significant research showing that banning for toxic behavior doesn’t work as well as an education process that uses community and social influence (just like in real life)

5- Allow us to bring digital skill development gained enjoyably back to the real.

This looks like explicit digital to IRL skill transfer.

This is an entire post on its own that I will cover in a few weeks.

To summarize, I’m very optimistic about our ability to improve technology and make it serve us more.

The thing about humans is that once we decide to do something, we poke it until we figure it out.

Yes, we make mistakes.

Yes, we have unintended consequences.

But the experimentation and curiosity that I believe is embedded in our nature eventually gets us there.

This is why I’m excited about the cultural shifts that have moved wellness, wellbeing, and transformation into the mainstream.

P.S. If you’ve missed the original thread, in which I explain the Growth Triangle here is where to find it.


Comments (2)

  1. Bryan McMahon

    And I think you’re missing the big thing Nicole. The big thing is:

    We Are One. we are not separate beings intent on crafting a work around mechanical way to connect.

    We are one. We are already a unified mind. (Love) The son of man homo empathicus Jesus Christ told us that we shall be of one mind. All the wise of all the ages have told you we are already connected, even in the laboratory they tell you this. So artificial connections are problematic and not much else.

    The extent to which technology can help us is the extent to which we can learn to improve our CNS (NeurOptimal) to the point where it might link together with the others of its own abilities

    . That has a lot more to do with the gut microbiome then it does with Cisco routers.

    This Tower of Babel that you and your friends are excited about will ultimately lead to not very much. A hell of a project though.

    And the ongoing project of organic reality will continue as the humans learn to work our own soft and hardware; to develop and re-cognize the divinely designed natural mechanisms that we are already immersed in.

    To more effectively control the Avatar that we call reality that I call my own body and nervous system and mind and heart.

    The gurus of India and other sacred places will tell you that easily obtainable are the results of yoga that are impossible by any physical means whatsoever.

    With technology You have set your sights too low Nicole. This sorcerer’s apprentice approach to reality can end in nothing but catastrophe.

    We can only hope the master returns before all is washed away.

  2. Bryan McMahon

    There are very few transformative techs that are truly non-invasive. That is to say that are not monkeying with systems far beyond ourselves.

    Neuroptimal of course, the tank, ketosis and stem cells, photobiomodulation, traditional yoga the list dwindles from there. Even some on that short list can be used incorrectly: mis-Influencing and corrupting the watercourse Way.

    virtually all other forms of transformative tech push you in a preordained direction. Monkeying with the system far beyond your Ken. The sorcerer’s apprentice immaturity but a hell of a ride

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